The Most Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Popular Services

Oh no, yet anoth­er list of key­board short­cuts! Why on earth do we need one more? Aren’t there too many of them already avail­able, on too many key­board shortcuts?

Too many. That’s the prob­lem. Key­board short­cut lists usu­al­ly end up being a big dump of all key­board short­cuts avail­able for a par­tic­u­lar ser­vice. The big dump that we don’t need. We only need to know the few most use­ful ones that we can actu­al­ly remem­ber and use in our day to day usage of that tool and be more pro­duc­tive in the process.

This neat­ly designed list is about that. The most use­ful key­board short­cuts for pop­u­lar tools and online ser­vices. When we say ​most use­ful’, we real­ly mean it. We promise to share the best ones that are easy to learn and imple­ment. We promise to not over­whelm you with anoth­er redun­dant list that you will nev­er end up remem­ber­ing. We’ve researched and tried and tried again, and final­ly picked the hand­ful of them for each service.

-Guiding Tech

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